The 4 stars “Lo-Vik Camping” is a popular campsite, situated close to the fjord and the centre of Loen. We offer our visitors a big area for tents, caravans and mobile cars. Our guests can also choose between cabins and bungalows in seven different categories, concerning size and standard. In total we have 24 cabins and bungalows.

The campsite`s location is an ideal starting point for daytrips to Ålesund, Måløy, Fjærland and Geiranger. In our neighborhood, you can experience the wild and beautiful “Loen valley” with the “Ravnefjell”. “Ravnefjell” was known throughout the country because of its two big stone boulders, in 1905 and 1936, where several people lost their lives.

If you continue your trip to the end of the valley, you come to “Kjenndalen”. We recommend you to take a look at the “Kjenndalsglacier” which is actually an arm of the enormous “Jostedalsglacier”.

A side valley in Lodalen, takes you to the magnificent “Bødalssæter”. From time to time, it is possible to take part in guided walks to the “Jostedalsglacier” and the mountain “Lodalskåpa” from here.

Further on, we recommend a visit to the “Jostedalsglacier national- and parkcenter” in Oppstryn. Another popular daytrip is the fantastic walk up to the mountain “Skåla” at 1848 meters above sea level. In the area nearby, you also have a unique chance to go skiing in the middle of the summer at ”Stryn sommerskisenter”.

It is possible to go fishing in the river nearby, but you will have to buy a permit. Fishing in the fjord is free. Last but not least, we strongly recommend you to visit the famous  “Briksdalsglacier” in the valley of ”Olden”.


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